About Us

Steelink Industry Solutions was founded in April of 2008.  Our origins and experience come from many years of contracting in the heavy SMP manufacturing and construction  industry.

The Steel Supply Chain Gap

During the resources boom between 2004 and 2008 we identified and experienced a significant supply chain management deficiency, that primarily created an experience gap  between the major EPC contractors and supply chain vendors.

Experience gaps in supply chain management create substantial contracting risks for the EPC's, their clients and the supply chain vendors.  Experience gaps are just plain dangerous, costly and avoidable.

Our initial and existing philosophy is simple: bridge and supplement experience gaps by providing a reliable, qualified and experienced project and supply chain management solution.

Managing risk between clients & the supply chain

Risk mitigation and avoidance between steel supply chain vendors and our clients is always our primary focus.  Anything else simply costs you time and money.  Steelink's approach to risk management is achieved with:

  • Safety risk management with robust control is first and foremost
  • Certainty of vendor quality and schedule compliance
  • Robust flow of information
  • Early detection and resolution of non-conformances
  • Facilitate the resolution of technical queries and design delays
  • Vendor relationship management and dispute mitigation
  • Productiion planning that is aligned accurately to the site construction program
  • Detailed forward construction management planning and accurate look aheads
  • Certified and experienced service providers
  • Objective and experienced advice
  • Reliable and consistent services
  • Reliable and accurate reports