Curragh Coal Handling Preparation Plant Expansion Project

3,500 tonne (approx) of CHPP structural, mechanical and piping equipment - 8 months

Client: Downer EDI Engineering Projects Pty Ltd
Location: Bowen Basin Coal Mine, near Emerald QLD
Curragh Coal Handling Preparation Plant Expansion Project

Scope of Works

Steelink were retained to provide a complete management service between the Australian supply chain and the Queensland mining site at Curragh, including: 

  • Development, implementation and management of the Integrated Project Delivery method
  • Fabrication management
  • Contract and supply expediting
  • Quality surveillance
  • Implementation of the Bar Code tracking systems
  • Comprehensive logistics control
  • Facilitation of supplier pre-qualification
  • Supplier selectiion activities
  • The Australian supply chains, including most of the states, were part of the supply chain solution

Materials Handling

All materials handling & tracking for the Curragh project were managed with a methodology known as "IPD" - integrated project delivery.

pdfIPD Materials Management Spec

All materials were bar coded & scanned into the system, which makes everything traceable in seconds.

IPD allowed us to manage materials effortlessly. From fabrication shop up until the day we walked off site, we could tell you where every bolt was at any given time.

Project Specifics for Curragh Coal Handling Preparation Plant Expansion Project

The CHPP generally consisted of the following:

  • CPP- Structural, approximately 1500 tonne of structural (stick) steel.
  • CPP- Plate, approximately 700 tones of plate, sumps, under-pans, and feeder chutes etc.
  • Approximately 4500 square meters of abrasive tiles.
  • CPP- Pipe –several hundred meters.
  • CHPP- Materials Handling, approximately 500 tone of conveyor gantry, chutes, GTU, head/tail frames and associated equipment.
  • CHP proprietary mechanical equipment.
  • Including grating and handrail for all areas.