Supply Chain Management

Steelink adds significant value to a project when complete supply chain management services are provided.

Our ability to work with all facets of the supply chain is our primary focus.

From procurement to the final delivery of all equipment and documentation we are consistently focused on all suppliers and vendors involved in each project.

Value and experience provided

  • Development, implementation and management of the integrated project delivery methodolgy.
  • Project controls management.
  • Development, implementation and management of the project expediting and quality inspection plan.
  • Supplier pre-qualification and capability analysis.
  • Tender reviews and evaluations.
  • Internal package management.
  • Shop detail drafting management and co-ordination between the shop detailing consultants and the engineering consultants.
  • Contract / subcontract administration.
  • Variation/ subcontract claim cost reviews
  • WTIA  certified welding inspectors.
  • NACE certified coating inspectors
  • Extensive Australian industry experience.
  • Extensive EPC/EPCM procurement support functions.
  • Vast range of Australian supply chain network capacities and capabilities.
  • Comprehensive technical knowledge of manufacturing and operational processes.
  • Solid working relationships with the Australian supply chain.
  • Ability to work with suppliers on tight delivery programs while maintaining a high level of negotiation and communication skills at all levels of operation.

Steelink SCM Services

When it comes to contract expediting and quality surveillance, Steelink provide the expert end to end solution and consultancy, with the right advice at the right time.

Steelink has extensive experience with designing and implementing integrated business and operational systems, as well as ongoing development and system improvements.

Steelink provide the complete industrial solution, inclusive of tender preparation and reviews. Our consultants provide you with the right advice to ensure smooth tenders and enhanced chances of success.