Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery

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  Integrated Project Delivery in the EPC Resource Environment

superior-project-control-smallSteelink utilise superior project control systems known as "integrated project delivery" to ensure every project is better, faster with less loss and better reporting. 

Every item & assembly is tracked from the moment it appears on drawings up until it is installed onsite.

Steelink have worked with and perfected a superior management system that vastly improves the overall control and quality of any project delivered by us.

Key Points of Integrated Project Delivery

  • All materials are tracked - from drawings to use on site, every nut, bolt and washer is tracked and accounted for.
  • Barcoding enables every item to be tracked as to its location and status at any time.
  • User friendly 3D modelling system so every facet of the project can be seen at a glance.
  • Almost total elimination of complicated and conflicting Excel "tracking spreadsheets" - everything is stored, managed and reported in a single cohesive system.
  • Data entry is slashed by 90% and ongoing information updates/reports are a thing of the past - everything is managed and handled in a central system.


There are numerous benefits to the way Steelink run projects. To put it simply, everything runs smoother.

Tagged & tracked 100%

Imagine a project where everyone refers to the same central data, instead of some document they just got in their email. Where every item in the assemblies are identified, barcoded and tracked. Where reporting of any aspect of the project is no more than a couple of clicks away.

Steelink doesn't have to imagine this level of project management. This is how we work and what we implement.

It's the Steelink difference and it's called Integrated Project Delivery.

Keep reading for a breakdown of the most obvious benefits to our project control systems.

The initial project setup is simplified from the start with a complete material tracking system.

Standard milestones are configured according to project management best practice, then modified to suit the individual project requirements.

thumb barcode-scanners

After the initial setup and configuration of the project management system, the system is then put to good use immediately. Barcode tracking systems are procured, implemented and integrated with the system which allows the creation of unique barcode labels for inventory tracking.

Labeling and tracking becomes available immediately, both in office and onsite. Live onsite data is uploaded to the system via mobile hand held scanners, which are also barcode scanners. Everything is tracked at the point it is handled - double handling and recording of information is eliminated.

Following are a series of screenshots (click any to enlarge) from the system at various points. From drawing to assembly installation, we know where every piece of the puzzle is and will be within the near future.