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1 William Street Podium Mullions and Main Entry Awning

400 Tonne of Architectural Steel

Client: Brookfield Multiplex Construction Limited
Location: Brisbane CBD
1 William Street  Podium Mullions and Main Entry Awning

Scope of Works


End to end Project and Site Construction Management

Building Owner: CBUS Property Group

Building Tennant: State Government Executive Building and QLD Public Service Central Offices 

Project Delivery Team 

Primary Design and Construction Building Contractor: Brookfield Multiplex Construction Limited. 

Architects: Woods Bagot. 

Design Engineers: Arcadis Engineering (formally Hyder Engineering)

Surveyors: AAM Surveyors and Bennett and Bennett

Industrial Applicators and Transport Facilitators : Tranzblast Coating Services 

Podium Glazing Mullions:

  • 300 Tonne of Architectural Box Plate Girder Fabrication, Welding and Construction.
  • The Mullions consisted of approximately 5000 meters of Submerged Arc Fillet Welding and a three (3) coat metallic Architectural paint finish.
  • Steelink provided their independent NACE 2 Coating Inspector and International Welding Inspector as a secondary control measure to ensure the fabrication, welding and protective coatings were completed in accordance with the Project Specifications and Australian Standards.

Scope of QA/QC Inspection 

  • The installation methodology was complex due to the underslung design and location of the Mullions. The transport and installation method required uniquely designed temporary works.
  • Traditional rigging practices were employed that involved specialised lifting frames, support steel, winches and a number of chain blocks to lift and manoeuvre each Mullion into their final bolted position
  • 74 Mullions were installed that weighed up to 5000kg each and 23.5 meters in length. The final member to be installed was a 7 Tonne Auto Door Portal Frame.
  • All Mullions were installed and fixed into their final position with out incident or Lost Time injuries.
  • The safe execution for the installation of the Mullions is a credit to all parties involved in the process, particularly the experienced rigging crew and site supervision 

William Street Main Entry Awning :

The Awning perimeter Ribbon has a complex dual radius.

The Ribbon rises from each corner connection point and curves as it sweeps in and around the entry perimeter of the Tower and entry threshold.

Complex fabrication, welding and construction that included challenging geometry, large lumps of steel being transported and installed in the middle of the CBD, limited access and expensive glass within millimeters during the Ribbon installation.

The Awning is Cantilevered Structure that is 50 meters in length (end to end) and 18 meters in width at its widest point. It has six (6) significant connection points that are complete penetration welded (CPBW) to  60mm thick Plates that are cast into the Towers Super Columns.

3D Scanning was undertaken to verify the correct ‘As Built’ tolerances were compatible to all following trade works.

Following the completion of the structural Steel Glass will be installed in between the raters and the Primary Support Trusses. The perimeter Ribbon will have Architectural Cladding applied.

The Main Entry Awning is arguably the most complex fabrication and installation involved in this Project.

 The Awning comprises

  • 2 x significant Primary Support Trusses with a weight of 6.2 tonne per assembly. The Support Trusses are complete penetration butt  welded (CPBW) to the 60mm Plates that are cast in to the Tower’s Super Columns
  • Perimeter Chord Ribbon Section consists of 2 x parallel 323mm O.D CHS with 27mm wall thickness. Each end of the Ribbon is CPBW to the 60mm Plates that are cast in to the Tower’s Super Columns. Six (6) assemblies in total make up the perimeter Ribbon.
  • 26 Rafters are fabricated Box Plate Girders that bolt to the perimeter chords

Basic dimensions and total weight

  • Length end to end: 50 Meters
  • Width at widest point: 18 Meters
  • Weight:110 Tonne


 1 William Street, State Government Executive Building - Crown Roof and Spire