Expediting & Quality Surveillance

When it comes to contract expediting and quality surveillance, Steelink provide the expert end to end solution and consultancy, with the right advice at the right time.

Provision of Comprehensive QA/QC Management and Inspection including,

  1. Vendor QA/QC verification audits
  2. Pre- Job start meeting with the vendors
  3. WPQR/WPS and Welder qualification verification
  4. Materials Inspection and compliance verification
  5. Welding Consumable Inspection and verification
  6. Welding Inspection
  7. Fabrication and Welded Joint preparation Inspection
  8. Certified Welding Inspection and Non Destructive Examination (NDE) verification
  9. Identification, Tagging and Logistics Inspection
  10. Certified Protective Coatings Inspection
  11. Factory Acceptance Testing
  12. Final Inspection Release
  13. Final QA/QC Documentation verification auditing
  14. Comprehensive Inspection Report with photographic verification

Schedule Expediting Services

  1. Monitor and report on progress against program
  2. Update and report on the scope of work status and program at the date of each Inspection
  3. Report on any commercial concerns that may impact on delivery including variations and extension of time claims.
  4. Report on delays caused by the lack of information, technical querries or unapproved drawings
  5. Report on any holds on the detailed drawings
  6. Verify no production issues are impeding progress
  7. Verify material and labour availability are not impeding progress
  8. Verify sufficient plant and equipment is available to meet programing requirements
  9. Verify logistics report and program updates between the vendor and the client are being maintained
  10. Update the master expediting plan in conjunction with the internal package managers and project engineers
  11. Verification and assessment of the vendors progress claims in conjunction with procurement